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Solutions :: Residential

We are experts at installing residential CCTV, intercom, and access control systems. Our team is professional, courteous, multilingual, and always available to help you. Hundreds of families in the New York area are protected by our installations. Contact us and we'll be happy to show you why you should be too.

'Nanny Cameras'

A newborn baby or young child presents a special challenge for working mothers; it can be difficult to find a good nanny. Many new parents are hesitant to offend a caregiver whom they believe to be alright, but they are just not sure; we install our systems discreetly and in the most undetectable way possible. View, search, and playback video from your PC at work or a PDA cellphone, and gain the extra confidence that your child is really in good hands. See our selection of nanny cams.

Anti-Vandal & Night-Vision Systems

With advanced infrared technology, a property of any size can be covered by security cameras at night, without producing visible light to alert criminals of the location of the cameras. To achieve the highest level of anti-vandal protection, we recommend a dome camera with a shock-resistant dome and heavy duty base that will resist attempts to pry it from the wall. Learn about outdoor anti-vandal and night-vision cameras and other types of security cameras, and see our selection of outdoor anti-vandal and night-vision cameras.

Intercom Systems

The latest generation of intercoms offers huge improvements in funtionality and ease of installation. In addition to video capabilities, some intercoms also have a picture memory that stores images of the most recent visitors, and even allows them to leave messages. See our selection of intercoms.