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Solutions :: Putting It All Together

The results are crystal-clear when you trust professionals to design and install your video surveillance system. The right combination of equipment is important. as is placement and testing by an expert in such setup. Training and support are also a consideration, to make sure that you can actually use the system you buy, and continue to use it. Our experienced consultants will help you to make the right decisions in planning your video surveillance system.

Solutions :: Residential

There is nothing more precious than your family, your home, and your peace of mind. A video surveillance system provides an extra layer of safety and deterrence. Night vision cameras can secure your property around the clock, while your household is monitored for your family's safety. Learn more about residential CCTV solutions. We also offer the latest video intercoms and biometric (fingerprint) locks, and integration with existing security systems.

Solutions :: Multi-Unit

A multi-unit building or complex requires a large-scale surveillance system that can be controlled and monitored from one or more locations. Because of the scale of such installations, the planning stage is critical for project success; there are many new technological options, such as IP and Wireless, which may be used to lower the cost while retaining scalability for the future. Learn more about CCTV solutions for multi-unit buildings and complexes.

Solutions :: Commercial and Industrial

A commercial or industrial location presents special challenges in terms of liability for safety and security, as well as a need to monitor employee performance. Loss prevention is a concern as well, with businesses in most sectors losing an average of 13% of profits to theft. Video surveillance can reduce your exposure to these risks, directly enhancing your bottom line. Learn more about CCTV solutions for commercial and industrial locations.